Mambo (Dumbledore v. der Kaiserleiten)

Stefano and Susanna and Mambo

„One of the best Labrador breeders in Europe! No doubt about this! We didn’t just find two very passionate and dedicated people, but also two good friends with whom we can share 100% our passion and love for labradors.

When you enter their breeding center, you can definitely not miss the fact that every aspect of their life simply goes around their beautiful labradors. The passion and the attention to every single detail that they put into breeding is something that cannot be described but just experienced.

We could not have wished for more for our Mambo, he is making every day of our life a unique experience and is giving us so much unconditional love that I wonder if this can even be real. We are and will be forever so grateful to both Gudrun and Manuel for having given us first the trust and then the chance to share our journey with this great dog!

If you are still unsure about getting a Labrador retriever, simply give them a call and they will guide you through in this beautiful experience of adding a Von Der Kaiserleiten dog to your life!

Stefano and Susanna and Mambo